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Best Products for Fair Skin

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Fair skin is skin that is very lightly pigmented and may range from very light to medium. Despite popular belief, fair skin requires a great amount of care to keep it in top shape due it’s lightness in color, which can easily become blotchy, burn in the sun, or become uneven and red with the wrong products. Because of the lack of melanin, a substance that is found in the skin that naturally protects it from the sun, those with fair skin often have to play a balancing act when it comes to spending time outside during the day. Higher SPF, protective clothing, and gentle cleansers are all important to ensure that fair skin stays balanced and glowing.

Melafadin Cleansing System

Janssen Cosmetics range of Melafadin Cleansing products help to protect fair skin against premature aging, especially from UV radiation, blocks cellular messenger  substances to decrease dark spots, reduces melanin synthesis to creamier glow, and inhibits melanin transportation. A simple regimen of Melafadin Cleansing Powder, a gentle soft foam that encourages radiantly bright skin leaves the skin looking clear and fresh with the use of ingredients such as pure vitamin C for brightening and amino acids for cellular rejuvenation.

Followed by Melafadin Toner, which helps to clean and brighten the skin with gentle ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera, your skin will stay balanced and bright, inhibiting redness while moisturizing.

As with any skin care regimen, a good moisturizer helps not only to protect the skin, but keeps it balanced and adequately hydrated. Melafadin Day Protection is just the solution for protecting and hydrating your delicate complexion and enacts as a foundation for a more even skin tone. Or, if you prefer a non-makeup solution, Janssen’s Brightening Exfoliator helps your skin to appear more clear and illuminated alongside hexylresorcinol, which helps brighten the skin over time.

Melafadin Fluid

If your skin displays some discolorations, then Melafadin Fluid is a great way to solve any pigmenting issues since it penetrates deeply within the skin the target pigmented cells with lipoamino acids that inhibits melanocyte cells. Additionally, Melafadin Fluid encourages skin brightening and is a soothing way to inhibit melanin absorption, rejuvenates cell turnover for clearer, brighter skin, and promotes an even complexion.

Fair Complexion Serum

Fair Complexion Serum contains interactive ingredients that encourage a virtually flawless complexion with active ingredients, such as hexylresorcinol helps brighten skin up to 37% within 8 weeks, improves unevenness, radiance, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Mulberry extract complements this cleanser by inhibiting cell generation to make way for new cells and a fresher complexion, while hyaluronic acids hydrate and moisturize. Another key player in the Fair Complexion Serum is the ingredient, saccharide isomerate, a natural moisturizer derived from natural sugar. Saccharide isomerate has an optimal water-binding capacity to help keep skin hydrated all day long.

Night Treatments

For all day and night protection, Brightening Night Restore inhibits melanin synthesis at it’s source while you sleep! Brightening Night Restore also helps your skin retain moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Free radicals also kept at bay and contains fine polyamide powder so skin is left radiant and velvety soft all day.

Additionally, Janssen’s Brightening Night Care that your skin reaps the benefits of hydration, continual renewal and constant brightening throughout the night and perfectly accompanies Brightening Day Protection. Waltheria indica inhibits melanin production, while Isostearyl isostearate helps to keep water binding lipids intact, thus promoting tighter, firmer skin.

2-Phase Melanin Concentrate

2-Phase Melanin Concentrate comes with 2 ampoules, which intensely brightens and repairs the skin, clears the skin of any pigmentations, inhibits melanin synthesis, and promotes an even complexion. This item will help show visible improvement within the skin over the course of 6 weeks and contains natural, healing ingredients, such as vitamin C, extracts from the mulberry tree, and other natural plant extracts that enable melanin inhibition.

Fair skin needs gentle care to look it’s best. Give these treatments a try if you want to retain your natural glow. Shop the collection here

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Why You Have Oily Skin

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Oily skin is often indication by an overproduction of sebaceous glands that cause excess oil to secrete from the skin. While many people with oily skin are often frustrated by the amount of greasiness and slickness on their face, there are actually some compelling upsides,  such as having a natural protective barrier that keeps your looking more youthful longer, having more protection from the sun, or even requiring less skin care products.

Though you may think that oily skin is something that is a teenager’s problem, this skin type is also often found in adulthood and can sometimes cause topical concerns, such as blackheads and acne. While oily skin is often genetic, there are many factors that can cause one to have a slicker appearance than desired so here are some reasons you may have oily skin and how to balance it out.


The more sebaceous glands that one has in their skin, the more likely they will have an oily complexion. Genetics play the biggest role in skin type and is often handed down from parents. So, if your mother or father had oily skin, then chances are, you may also. The downside of this fact are there is essentially nothing you can do to change your skin type. However, if having oily skin is becoming a problem for you, there are many solutions to alleviating the severity of the oiliness, such as looking at your environment, stress levels, and what you are eating, etc.

Unhealthy Eating

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so consuming a diet of unhealthy fats, refined carbohydrates, sugar, and dairy can all trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil because many processed foods will cause hormones to spike. Dairy foods are often high on the glycemic index and causes hormones to spike, therefore leading to an increase in oily skin and blemishes. Instead, eat the rainbow of fresh produce, nuts, and healthy fats that are found in fish, as well as drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep the skin as balanced and clean as possible.

Poor Skin Hygiene

Sleeping in makeup and washing your face sporadically will put you on the fast track to uneven, blotchy, oilier skin. Even worse, bacteria, dirt, and debris can also creep into large pores and become a breeding ground for acne and blackheads. For this reason, it is important to wash your skin morning and night to prevent any potential problems in the future. It is also important to wash your skin with products that are beneficial for your skin type. A cleanser and moisturizer that contains gentle ingredients is the best way to go as to clear away excess oil without over-drying your skin.


If you are using an over-the-counter drug, then this may be affecting your skin. Whether you may be taking oral contraceptives or hormonal-balancing medicine, sometimes these can inadvertently create an unbalanced flora that leads to acne. Multivitamins can also impact your complexion, especially if said vitamin contains a potent amount of B12 so it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about issues that arise and ways you can alleviate skin symptoms.


Stress is one of the biggest factors for illnesses that are affecting Americans everyday. While some stress is normal, too much stress can be dangerous. As your body’s stress levels increase, oil production is also increased, along with potential acne, with then also makes things more stressful. For this reason, it is important to practice self-care methods, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, or other calming rituals to keep your mental, emotional, and physical well-being in top shape.

The Wrong Products

When you have oily skin and are using cleansers and moisturizers that are actually meant for someone with dry skin, this could lead to potentially more oily skin. Products that are designed for dry skin tends to be more emollient, thicker, and hydrating to make up for the lack of oil and moisture within the skin. Therefore, if your skin is already oily and you are topping it with heavy, oily products, clogged pores and blemishes are likely to occur. Instead, utilize products intended for oily skin so that your complexion remains the most balanced. Oil-free products that gently cleanse are ideal as they wick away excess oil and dirt, while keeping your skin appropriately hydrated and moisturized.

The Environment

If you live in a humid, warm climate, your skin is likely to become more oily as the sebaceous glands are more stimulated in this type of climate. Utilizing an exfoliant, such as our Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator is very important after cleansing, to dislodge dead skin, oil, and dirt. Your skincare should also be lighter, yet still hydrating, so utilizing a cleanser and moisture that contains hyaluronic or an alpha-hydroxy acid will help to improve the look and feel of the skin, overall.

Though oily skin is thicker, it still needs a tender loving care to keep it in shape. Keep these tips in mind so that your skin stays balanced and fresh.

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Best Foundations and Primers for Oily Skin

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Foundations are pigmented skin creams, liquids, powders, or sticks that can be applied to the skin to give your complexion a more even appearance. Foundations also come in an array of consistencies to meet your coverage needs, from light to rich and creamy and are best known for their blemish-correcting capabilities. Despite their ability to correct an array of physical skin concerns, many foundations on the market today offer so much more.

Whether your skin is oily or dry, there is a foundation that can help add moisture to your complexion or wick away excess oil, as well as in between. Here are some of Janssen Cosmetics best foundations and primers that will lend a bright, even finish.

Perfect Radiance Makeup

Perfect Radiance Makeup is a foundation that is ideal for adding extra protection during the day, and gives your skin a smooth, natural appearance with the help of hyaluronic acid, and protects your complexion from the sun’s potentially skin-damaging rays with a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filter. Perfect Radiance is also creamy, but also glides easily over the skin for a natural, radiance finish that lasts all day long.

Perfect Cover Cream

If you have unsightly blemishes, such as scarring or simply would like more coverage, Perfect Cover Cream is for you. Perfect Cover Cream comes in 6 different colors that are blendable so that you may find your perfect shade.  With easy blendability and a lightweight finish, Perfect Cover Cream lasts all day long and stays in place without causing blackheads or clogging pores. Perfect Cover Cream may also be applied on clean, moisturized skin with a damp sponge or blended with fingers for best results.


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Simple Solutions for Tackling Summer Skin

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Simple Solutions for Tackling Summer Skin

Now that we are entering the warmest month of the summer season, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your skin is protected. And, just like every year, summer threatens to wreak havoc on our skin, yet, sometimes, we may forget certain habits that can actually protect it, so here are some simple, yet effective summer care tips that have stood the test of time and continue to work to this day.

Fight Dehydration

Hydration is important to keep your bodily functions working properly, ridding your body of toxins, and excelerates circulation, which helps to create a youthful glow. Hydration comes in many forms and ensures that you don’t become hydrated, which can lead to inflammation, rashes, and irritation. It doesn’t have to be complicated, so simply drinking more water this time of year or slather on some lotion to keep your complexion supple and fresh.


It’s heating up outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through sunburns to go outside. Use an SPF to protect against burning and premature aging and if you’ve unfortunately succumbed to the sun’s rays, there’s nothing that a little Calming Sensitive Cream can’t fix with soothing plant extracts to cool your skin and soothe any irritations.


Skin exfoliation is an important step in increasing circulation within the body and sloughing away dead, dull skin to reveal a renewed, and revitalized complexion. Exfoliation can be from head to toe to cultivate silky, smooth, skin that is soft to the touch. So, if you’ve noticed that your makeup is looking less than stellar or your skin is a bit lackluster, look no further than a good exfoliation session to solve your skincare woes.

Go Easy on the Makeup

We all want to look good, but having a melted face isn’t the road to take. While you’ll want to focus on the fun, take heed to your makeup regimen because all that sweat and debris will not only potentially clog your pores, it can get messy. Simply go for a light tinted moisturizer with beneficial ingredients than succumbing to looking overly done.

Sunless Tanning

A beautiful glow is nice, but not to the detriment of your health. Try a suntan lotion rather than laying out in the sun this season if you want to opt for more color. It’s simple, it’s easy, just as long as you handle it with gloves, as to not look conspicuous. Suntan lotion is the safe, yet effective way to wear a bit of color without risking skin problems in the future.

Keep it Light

There are so many products to try, yet you only need a few to keep you going this summer. Ditch the heavyweight creams left over from last winter and try something lighter so your skin can breathe. During warmer months, our skin produces more oil, so heavier creams and lotions aren’t necessary as heavier ones can cause blemishes, especially if you have oily skin.

Say No to Shine

You’ll want to shine brightly this summer, but not with shiny skin. The solution are ingredients that help wick away oil without overdrying. Try our Purifying Tonic Lotion, for dimming some of that shine so you can focus on more important things like having fun. Follow up with a light moisturizer and you’re good to go!

Mind Your Scalp

Sometimes we pay so much attention to our faces and bodies, we forget the one part that directly getting rays- our scalps, which can catch sunburn if we aren’t careful, so wear a hat to protect your hair as well, which can also dry out with overexposure. Wearing a hat also protects other vulnerable areas of your body, such as your nose, ears, face and neck. The wider the better, so you can be fashionable and safe.

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Has Your Skin Been Beaten Down By the Sun This Summer? How to Give It New Life

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A weathered complexion usually occurs when your skin has been exposed to the elements, such as harsh wind conditions, prolonged sun exposure, and even water that has been treated, such as in swimming pools. Although we are often more outdoorsy during the summer months, all that sun and fun can come at a cost, potentially forming deep wrinkles, sagging skin, [...]
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