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Skin Care for all Ages

No matter what your age, taking care of your skin should be a priority. Good habits that you establish early in life will keep your skin nourished and younger-looking throughout later years. In each stage of life, your skin has its own unique needs and demands. Janssen Cosmetics skin products offer a wide range of solutions for various skin needs, for radiant skin at every age.

Your 20s

In your 20s, your skin still has its youthful elasticity and firmness. You don’t need anti-aging products yet, but this is the perfect time for preventative care, which will defend against problems later on. This is the time to establish a skincare routine with the proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing steps. You might be dealing with some acne, so products geared towards supporting your skin’s defenses and fighting bacteria can be helpful, but don’t forget the soothing and hydrating products as well, which will help your skin to heal quickly.

Skin Type will help you to choose the best skincare routine from our OilyCombination, or Dry Skin Collections. For acne-prone skin, our Normalizing Skin Complex contains salicylic acid to combat blemishes and control oil production.

A crucial step during your 20s (and the rest of your life) is to establish daily sunscreen use. Any sun damage you sustain now could show up 15 years later in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. Fortunately, our Face Guard Advanced has you covered -- put this on daily for the best protection.

Your 30s

As you progress through your 30s, the effects of aging start to become noticeable. Fine lines may appear, especially around the eyes, and it becomes more difficult for your skin to retain its moisture. Your skin may look more dull, as cell turnover starts to slow down.

In your 30s, you can introduce key anti-aging skincare steps. Our Demanding Skin collection is especially formulated to defend your skin from the stresses of daily life, and is an excellent choice for this stage. 

In addition to a basic routine, you may want to add our award-winning Rich Eye Contour Cream, which contains anti-aging vitamin A, soothing macadamia oil, and hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth out those fine lines. A vitamin C serum, such as our Vitaforce C Complex, will brighten and firm your skin, while fading sun spots and uneven pigmentation. An exfoliator, such as our Intensive Face Scrub, will help quicken cell turnover to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin. 

Your 40s

Your 40s is when you’ll want to use more intense, targeted anti-aging skincare to smooth away fine lines and lift skin that may be starting to sag. Your skin may be drier than when you were younger, so it’s important to hydrate with proven ingredients like hyaluronic acid and a variety of emollient face oils.

In addition to a basic skincare routine, you’ll want to add additional products such as our Hyaluron Impulse, which come in highly concentrated capsules that contain anti-aging peptides and leave your skin silky and soft. Our signature Ampoules, such as the Hyaluron Fluid, are also a best bet, as they contain potent actives that penetrate deep into the skin for a more dramatic effect.

Don’t neglect caring for your neck, which can quickly give away your age. We recommend our Firming Neck and Décolleté Cream to keep your neckline firm and smooth.

Your 50s

Hormonal changes in your 50s can have a considerable effect on your skin, leaving it dry and fragile, and looking dull and tired. The formation of wrinkles accelerates, and sagging becomes more of a problem. Keeping moisture in your skin is key; layering serums, concentrates, and creams may help to keep your skin hydrated.

At this stage in your life, it’s time to pull out the heavy-hitters in the anti-aging department.  We recommend incorporating an anti-aging face mask twice a week such as the Rejuvenating Mask, and a super-concentrated serum like our Instant Lift Serum, both of which act to “pad out” the skin almost like skin fillers, plumping out wrinkles and lines.

Your 60s

In your 60s, you’ll want to continue to aggressively treat wrinkles and lines, while adding in extra rich moisturizing creams to protect more delicate dry skin. 

You may also want to replace more basic cleansers and creams with our prestige Platinum Care collection, which combines luxuriously rich ingredients, such as our PCM complex (pearl, caviar, and magnolia), with science-backed anti-aging research.

You’ll likely see brown and red spots appear as you age, so be sure you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen and a hat at all ages. You can treat uneven pigmentation with products from our Fair Skin line.

The proper time to take care of your skin is right now. No matter what stage of life you’re in, establishing a skincare routine customized to your needs can make your skin the best it can be.