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Janssen Cosmetics and Dry Skin

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Dry skin is described as a skin condition that contains a low amount of hydration and is often marked by an uncomfortable tightness, itchy, and scaly sensation. Although dry skin has numerous causes, it isn’t usually serious and can be alleviated with the right products.

Those who suffer from dry skin will often notice scaling, flaking, irritation, and cracking and one of the main causes of dry skin is low moisture in the air or washing in water that is too hot. Dryness can also be caused by health-related issues, as well as aging and other environmental factors, such as overexposure to the sun.

Those with mature skin or demanding skin will often find dryness to be a common problem when it comes to skin-related issues. Someone who has dry skin can also experience sensitive skin as the skin loses the protective layering needed to lubricate and protect the skin. The good news is that with the right skin care, healthy, hydrated skin is just a product away. Here are some ways that Janssen Cosmetics can help steer you in the right direction to a more hydrated complexion.


Heal and Protect

One of the biggest culprits of dry skin is overexposure to UVA/UVB radiation. Although some sun rays has been proven to be beneficial, helping to trigger the development of vitamin D in the body, too much sun can lead to chapped, burning, peeling, itchy red skin and premature aging, which is why our Sun Shield is a great way to moisturize and protect the skin. If you like sunbathing, After Sun Lotion cools, soothes and nourishes your skin with natural oils.

If you want to go a bit deeper, Vita Care Deluxe Ceramide cream works wonders for those with extremely dry skin, which helps to rebuild lipids that have been lost and improves the appearance of rough skin. If you are already experiencing age spots, and an uneven skin tone, our  Vitaforce C Cream  stimulates collagen and elastin production and helps brighten the skin for an even, more  youthful  tone.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It’s so important to hydrate the skin. So much so that without hydration, your skin would become scaly, crusty, and unsightly. If you have dry skin, hydration is especially important since you don’t receive adequate moisture to the skin. Hydration can be obtained in many ways, such as getting enough water, a great way to ensure that your cells are going to get the nutrients they need.  Exercise is another great way to get circulation going.

Our Hydrating Skin Complex works deep within the layers of the skin to hydrate from  within, smooth wrinkling caused by dryness, and improves the overall feel, structure and radiance of the skin. Then you may top that with the Caviar Luxury Cream, which is like black gold for the skin, increasing cell turnover, protecting the skin from free radicals, and inspires smoother skin.


Rejuvenate and Illuminate

If your dry skin is causing a dull complexion, sometimes, all you need is a bit of exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells that are in the way of revealing fresh, vibrant skin. Exfoliants come in many forms such as a scrub, which often contains tiny granules to slough away depleted skin, as found in our Brightening Exfoliator. Other forms are contained in the form of a gentle peel, such as our Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator, which helps increase cell turnover by gently peeling away the top layer  of the skin. This action is a non-abrasive way of improving the skin’s moisture content, leading to brighter, softer complexion.

Scrubs and peels are a great way to get to the true, radiant you and should always be performed after washing your skin with a great cleanser, such as with our Multi-Action Cleansing Balm, which can also be used as a makeup remover, SOS balm for relieving dry skin spots, and as a moisturizing mask. Prepping the skin prior to exfoliation helps to soften and wash away dirt and grime so that the product will work it’s best

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Our Best Moisturizers

Posted by Matthew Eng on

Like body and facial cleansers, moisturizers are some of the most important products that you can buy, no matter your skin type. They are multifaceted and not only help replenish your complexion, but also works to protect so that you may look and feel your best.

Though a great moisturizer is something to always have on hand, it’s important to know  which one works best for you since not all skin types are alike. Get one that’s too heavy for oily skin and you may run the risk of more blemishes. On the other hand, a moisturizer that is not emollient enough for dry skin is likely to lead to discomfort, but we’ll let you be the judge. At Janssen our products run the gamut, from facial serums, to body creams. Here are some of our best moisturizers yet!


Sun Shield

You can’t have great skin if it isn’t adequately protected, which is why our Sun Shield ranks high on our list of products. UVA/UVB protection is always a good thing all year round, but as we head into spring and summer, you’ll  want extra protection.  Sun Shield offers active cell protection with ECTOIN technology and filters out aging-causing rays and prevents pesky burns. Sun Shield comes in two ranges, 30 and 50 for your personal needs and is ideal all over the body and can be worn prior to applying makeup.


Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner

If you’d like even more protection, then our Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner is what you’ll  need to help slow down and reduce signs of aging. Our rich cream contains oat extract, which noticeably tightens the skin, Isostearyl stearate (ISIS) for creating a stronger skin barrier, and hyaluronic acid, which increases the firmness of the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Added SPF 15 helps protect delicate skin from harmful UVA/UVB radiation while additional ingredients impart moisture for a more radiant complexion.


Vitaforce C Skin Complex

Sometimes all you need is a little brightness to improve the overall look of your skin and the solution is found in vitamin C. Vitamin C has a big role to play in the world of skincare, touted not only for its complexion- brightening abilities, but its potential to improve your skin’s texture and tone, and bring out its natural radiance. Our Vitaforce C Skin Complex is packed with vitamin C to offer luminosity like no other. Additionally, hyaluronic acid helps smooth and tone the skin, while lemon extract refreshes and revives.


Calming Hydro Gel

Our Calming Hydro Gel is the perfect solution for the fellas! With an abundance of facial hair, thicker skin and overall tougher texture, the skin of a man is quite structurally different than a woman’s, which makes men’s cosmetics something to think about if you are a guy who wants to enhance his complexion.

Formulated to soothe and penetrate  deep within the pores, Janssen Cosmetics’ Calming Hydro Gel is made to improve the skin’s regenerative process, intensely moisturize and protect the skin, and helps prevent photoaging. This cream is especially ideal for use after shaving, which can  lead to redness and bumps and can be used night and day and may be accompanied with additional Janssen men’s cosmetics, such as our 24/7 Skin Energizer and Energizing Eye Roll.


Vitaforce Ace Body Cream

Skin health and beauty doesn’t just stop at the face. Our bodies need tender loving care so don’t skimp on daily moisture all over with our Vitaforce Ace Body Cream, proven to protect skin cells from free radicals and nourish deeply. Pentavitin a moisture-attracting substance derived  from natural sugars helps to bind moisture to the skin, for all day hydration.

Vitaforce Ace Body Cream  packs a punch with brightening vitamin C, healing vitamin E, and revitalizing vitamin A. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is  ideally applied generously to the body’s skin morning and night for best results.

Janssen Cosmetics offers a plethora of moisturizers to meet virtually every skincare need for men and  women that will give your skin that much coveted glow! Creating a customized regimen to give your skin the best it needs is probably only a moisturizer away!

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Professional Grade Cosmetics Vs. Standard Cosmetics

Posted by Matthew Eng on

There are those who prefer to purchase all of their cosmetic needs exclusively from dermatologists and renown aestheticians. Then there are some who would prefer to purchase what they need at drug or department stores at a fraction of the price. Whatever you may prefer, there is a broad difference between what standard cosmetics brands offer and what is deemed professional grade.

Wherever you shop, one can find an endless array of cosmetics to meet whatever need there is. Whether you are seeking a quick fix or something more beneficial for the skin, you can become a more savvy shopper by knowing these key differences in professional grade cosmetics and their standard counterparts so that you can look and feel your best.


Professional Grade Higher Standards

When it comes to seeking out the best skincare or makeup, ingredients reign supreme to give your skin the best. Since most skincare is worn all day long and night, it only makes sense that healthy, beneficial ingredients that feed the skin will provide vitality and nourish.  Professional grade products typically mean that the products are held to a higher standard and are typically found in your dermatologist office or spas. professional grade is unbeatable as more money is spent on research of ingredients, rather than marketing a name.

Natural ingredients, such as jojoba oils, vitamin C and minerals help to feed the skin while enabling it to breathe, unlike some products that are full of fillers that block pores and cause skin conditions such as blackheads and acne, as found in many standard products.. This is not to say that every professional grade skin care line out there is natural, as some only boast their name and won’t necessarily deliver as promised, but a good quality brand, such as our Janssen Cosmetics line, speaks for itself- sleek and simple, yet big on natural and dermatologically-tested ingredients that impart very effective results.


Pros and Cons of Standard Brands

Although professional grade cosmetics containing naturally-derived ingredients with scientifically backed research has its merits, there is something to be said about drugstore brands, especially for those on a budget or who don’t necessarily care for the  latest and greatest thing on the market. However, drugstore and department store  brands don’t always live up to their promise. For one, standard brands are typically market driven and will constantly change, depending on the latest and greatest trend.

While standard brands may look beautiful  in their packaging and smell wonderful, the benefits are sometimes few, lending very little results. These products also tend to contain ingredients that do not feed the skin, but are filled with artificial ingredients that act as fillers that may harm the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may notice that standard products may irritate the skin.

Another drawback to standard cosmetics is their one-size-fits-all approach. Unlike a dermatologist or med spa esthetician who may examine your skin and make recommendations based on your needs, standard brands aren’t customizable. Asking a skincare consultant at a department store for advice, while useful, is not always as in-depth as something who can take a closer glance and offer products that will help with their own specific needs.

While professional grade cosmetics are typically pricier, the money goes further than with standard cosmetics. Not only are you paying for something that will help your skin further down  the road, but money well spent on professional grade products will actually spread further than paying for product after product, seeking out the one thing that will improve your skin. While both have their merits, it’s important to think long term if you want the skin of your dreams.

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When To Use Our Cleansers

Posted by Matthew Eng on

Cleansers house a plethora of benefits that not only help your skin maintain its optimal health, but will also alleviate symptoms, such as acne, blackheads, and other blemishes. While there are many different cleansers on the market that promise to rid your skin of unwanted blemishes and refresh it’s vigor, what’s really important is having the right ingredients. However, there is a time and place to wash your skin to reap the best benefits. So when exactly is the right time to cleanse our skin? Well, the answer lies in your skin type and other factors, such as how active you are. If you sweat more, you’ll need to wash more and vice versa.

Janssen Cosmetics offers many different cleansers for the face and body, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or demanding skin. With just the right ingredients, you can help balance your skin’s microbiome and keep it looking and feeling it’s best everyday.


Always Wash in the PM

Every night, your skin goes through a repair mode, releasing antioxidants, building up your skin skin cells so it’s useful to know that sleeping in makeup, or going to bed with the day’s grime all over your face and body can counteract this process, swiftly leading to blackheads and blemishes. This happens when dirt, oil and bacteria accumulate in the pores, blocking them, which over time can lead to unsightly complications within and on the skin.

What’s been building up on your skin won’t just go away over time and if you don’t wash in the morning, then washing at night at least helps the natural regeneration process, since skin cells typically renew themselves as we sleep. Whether you have oily skin, mature skin, dry skin, Janssen Cosmetics’ Mild Cleansing Cream, among others, works for every skin type, and is especially useful for those with sensitive skin. With naturally-derived oils, this cleanser is useful for makeup removal or as part of your daily washing regimen.


Listen to Your Skin

Some find that washing the skin in the morning helps to keep the skin cleaner throughout the day. Pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you. If you are washing multiple times a day, you may want to scale back the cleansing sessions. Likewise, if your skin is feeling greasy and you’ve been only washing it once a day, then an additional skin cleansing may be needed.

It is ideal to wash your skin at least once per day, but many dermatologists agree that twice is better. While those with oily skin will most likely benefit from washing 2 or maybe even 3 times a day, over washing the skin may lead to more oil production than desired. However, those with naturally dry skin may find that once per day is enough since the skin doesn’t produce enough oil on it’s own to lubricate the skin naturally. It’s really up to you to assess how your skin feels after cleansing.


More Than Cleansing

Now that you know the importance of daily washing, there are additional steps that are also needed in the cleaning process to keep your complexion in top shape. One of them is exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells to reveal, fesher, more luminous skin. Exfoliation also helps products such as ampoules, serums, toners and creams  to absorb better.

Ampoules, supercharged serums with powerful ingredients, improves the texture of skin. Not everyone uses ampoules, but they are very useful in providing more clarity, brightness, rejuvenation, as well as moisture to the skin. In addition to cleansers, ampoules easily absorb into the skin, after dirt and debris have been adequately washed away to help deliver deeper nourishment.

A cream is always the last step and is just as important as the cleanser. Creams help to keep your skin balanced and adequately hydrated and is one of the most important steps in the cleansing process. Along with cleansers, creams should be used daily, providing the purpose of keeping the skin hydrated and locking in moisture. Like cleansers, there are various formulations for creams that are ideal for mature skin to the most sensitive skin.

There are many wonderful benefits to using a skin cleanser, which helps to protect the skin, provide hydration, and keeps the skin supple. Cleansers are very necessary to the skin’s overall vitality and health and beauty.

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What to Look for and Avoid in Self Tanners

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Tanning without sunlight is a popular form of gaining a more bronzed appearance during the summer as opposed to succumbing to the potentially harmful UVA/UVB radiation of the sun, which can cause skin damage due over-exposure. Self tanners are a great way to gain that bronzy glow in the warmer months as an alternative, but not all are created equal.

While obtaining bronzed skin from self tanners is one of the perks of summer, darkening your skin the inorganic method undoubtedly can cause some concern, especially where chemicals are concerned. So here we are going to take a gook at what to watch out for in Self-tanners so you can have a safe, yet effective tanning session.

Harmful Ingredients

A common active ingredient in self tanners, known as DHA, or dihydroxyacetone is the main ingredient that participates in browning your skin, a sugar that enacts with amino acids found in your skin that reacts. Although DHA can be found more organically in sugar or beets, or produced unnaturally in substances, such as glycerin, DHA is pretty safe. However, research suggests that it may be harmful to the skin’s DNA, although there is no hard evidence of that.

Other ingredients often found in self tanners, such as mineral oil, which is comedogenic,  sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, a skin and eye irritant, and artificial fragrances and colors, which could cause allergic reactions,  may offer no harm immediately, or when utilized on occasion, but may do so in the long term. Studies also suggest that those who slather on self tanners are less likely to practice skin protection while out in the sun, so even if you are getting a tan by other means, it is still important to use skin protection.

Safe Ingredients

Although no self-tanner is 100% natural or purely without synthetic chemicals because it actually needs to work, your best bet is to seek out one that contains a list of as many natural ingredients as possible. One tell-tale sign of an ingredient that may not be the best for your skin is your ability to pronounce it or if it sounds very chemically, such as amyl acetate, which is used in the dry-cleaning business, or even isopropyl myristate, another comedogenic ingredient.

Self tanners that contain vegetable-derived DHA, healing and soothing ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, natural fruit oil, etc. are the best way to go to still get the glow you desire without the caustic consequences, so a knowledge of ingredients and how they react to the skin is important

Tips for Successful Self Tanning

Always wear an SPF sunscreen even if you self tan because the sun’s rays can still cause damage to your skin, which would defeat the purpose of a self tanner. Depending on how long you will be out in the sun, choose an SPF of 30 or more.

Additionally, it’s important to exfoliate, because dead skin can cause self tanning work to appear blotchy, which actually look fake, so make sure that you slough off all that dead skin with a body scrub, as found in Janssen Cosmetics’ plethora of body scrubs, all formulated to gently renew and refresh your skin.

Try not to  skimp on hydration, because you’ll still need a buffer to protect your skin and keep it looking and feeling its best without feeling greasy. Janssen offers a wealth of body creams that are formulated to meet your unique skin care needs

Lastly, always look for a self tanner that is creamy, smooth and lathers on easily. Avoid one that is sticky or too thick because you may end up looking blotchy. A little also goes a long way, so start lightly and add layers if you desire a deeper tone. Keep it simple, cover all the areas and crevices, such as behind the ears, nose, and around the eyes, and you’ll be on your way

to successful sunless self tanning!

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