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Skin Resurfacing Balm

Skin Resurfacing Balm

Calming herbal cream for post-laser treatment

  • Speeds up the rebuilding of previously destroyed Stratum Granulosum
  • Build up of skins physiological protection coat effectively
  • Regenerating and tissue repair
  • Acts soothing and calming on irritated skin
  • Provides well desired cooling sensation


  • Herbal extracts of: Ruscus Aculeatus, Centella Asiatica, Calendula Officinalis, Horse Chestnut and Echinacea; for soothing, calming, strengthening
  • Bisabolol: (derived from Chamomile) has anti-inflammatory effect
  • Farnesol: for regeneration and anti-bactericidal benefits
  • Essential oil of Lavender: natural perfume with harmonizing effect energizing, soothing, healing and stimulating; stimulates cellular growth and regeneration
  • Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5): stimulates cellular proliferation and aids in tissue repair while acting as penetrating moisturizer; provides keratinization and wound healing

Home application

Apply Skin Resurfacing Balm onto treated skin as often as possible, at least morning and night.