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Purifying Tonic

Purifying Tonic

Purifying Tonic

  • Deeply cleanses the pores
  • Regulates excess sebum production
  • Provides moisture
  • Repels impurities
  • Leaves the skin ideally prepared for subsequent skincare
  • Skin-friendly pH
  • Alcohol-free


  • Equal-Refining Complex: The combination of oleanolic acid and the extract from the bark of Enantia Chlorantha slows down sebocyte growth. The sebaceous glands are put into a dormant state, reducing greasy shine by -21.7% and pore size by -16% after 28 days
  • Glycerine: Conditioner for the skin. Glycerine has a hygroscopic effect and binds water. This increases the moisture content of the skin

      Home application

      Pour out the Purifying Tonic onto a cotton pad and gently sweep over the face and neck. Apply after each cleansing with Purifying Cleansing Gel.