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Mild Creamy Cleanser

Mild Creamy Cleanser


• Optimally prepares the skin for subsequent treatments

• Particularly mild care formula with skin physiological pH value

• The creamy consistency is particularly easy to apply and wash off

• The skin's native moisture is retained

• Does not leave the skin feeling tense

• Intensive but mild cleansing

• Leaves the skin feeling clean.



• Avocado oil: Rich in natural fatty acids and vitamins A, E and D; cares for and protects the skin even during cleansing, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth

Home care application
Distribute Mild Creamy Cleanser over the face and neck in the morning and evening and massage in with the fingertips in circling motions. Remove with plenty of lukewarm water or moist compresses. Then clarify the skin with Radiant Firming Tonic.

Tip: Pre-cleansing with Mild Creamy Cleanser is recommended in the case of heavy make-up. To do this, apply cleansing lotion and remove the surplus with a paper tissue. Then apply again and wash off with plenty of water or a compress.