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Face Guard Plus SPF 30

Face Guard Plus SPF 30

Sun protection concentrate with SPF 30

  • UVA protection measured according to the Boots Star Rating: 4 stars = superior
  • UVB protection
  • Ultra-light formulation, oil-free
  • Moisture-regulating
  • For all skin types
  • Sun protection which can be integrated to combat daily solar radiation stress
  • With additional cell protection


  • Inorganic UVB filter: Micronized titanium dioxide; the minute particle size is not visible even when present in large quantities
  • Organic UVA/B broadband filter: Photostable triazine derivative absorbs UVA and UVB radiation without being destroyed itself
  • Organic UVA filter: Photostable UVA filter with minimal particle size and 3-fold effect: UV light is absorbed, scattered and additionally reflected
  • Ectoin: Cell protection factor produced by microorganisms, active cell protection to combat heat and UV light, moisture-regulating

Home application

Distribute Face Guard onto the skin after cleansing in the morning, and apply the usual day cream on top.

Advice: Ideal as an invisible glove for avoiding so-called age spots: Simply distribute onto the backs of the hands and repeat application several times during the day.