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Enzyme Peeling Powder

Enzyme Peeling Powder

Enzyme Peeling Powder

  • Foams up easily with water
  • Cleans intensively and gently
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Refines the complexion
  • Leaves the skin with a silky matte feel
  • Improves absorption capacity of follow-up care


  •  Enzymes: Lipases and proteases (subtilisin) embedded in maltodextrin, used for gentle enzymatic removal of corneocytes
  • Silica: Has an absorbing and mattifying effect on the skin
  • Sodium cocoyl glycinate: A natural surfactant made from glycine and fatty acids from coconut. Used for gentle face cleansing. Leaves the skin feeling silky and soft 

      Home application

      Foam up a tablespoon of powder with water and spread over the face and neck. Gently massage into the skin using circular motions for about five minutes. Then leave it on for 3 minutes. Finally remove it thoroughly with a small dampened sponge.