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AHA Face Cream

AHA Face Cream

  • Activates natural skin rejuvenation
  • Refines pore structure
  • Moisturizing
  • Fights against existing spots and blemishes
  • Suitable for mature skin


    • Glycolic acid: occurs naturally in, inter alia, unripe grapes, sugar-cane juice and sugar-beets. Has a keratolytic effect
    • Malic acid: can be found in unripe apples, gooseberries and other fruits – in a higher concentration, this also has a slightly keratolytic effect
    • Tartaric acid: tartaric acid and its salts are found in abundance in the vines, grapes, and leaves of the grapevine; has a slightly keratolytic effect
    • Citric acid: is found in lemons, but also in many other fruits; has a keratolytic effect and also lightens the skin in higher concentrations
    • Saccharide isomerates: moisture-retaining substance based on natural sugars; it binds naturally to the skin’s keratin and is seen as a “moisture magnet”

    Home Application

    Apply AHA Face Cream onto cleansed skin and massage it in lightly, preferably in the evening. Also suitable as a foundation under make-up.

    Advice: Ideal in combination with Microsilver Serum. We then recommend using the products as follows:
    1. Microsilver Serum
    2. AHA Face Cream

    Note: During the day, be careful when exposing skin to UV-sunlight