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Sensitive Skin Care

The path to healthy skin is paved with products tailored to your skin type. But for those with sensitive skin, the journey’s landscape can be treacherous. Sensitive skin can manifest as a variety of symptoms — from redness and hives to rashes and itching—which all demand specific care to keep those reactions at bay.

The Sensitive Skin cosmeceutical line implements a combination of two systems of action and thereby gives rise to an entirely new method for fortifying sensitive skin in the long term. This sensitive skin care method doesn’t just target the symptoms; it fortifies the skin’s natural defenses so that it can stand up to future assaults.

The sensitive skin care system from Janssen Cosmetics ensures that the hydrolipidic barrier is fortified and reduces the occurrence of redness and irritation. To optimally minimize stress factors and the irritation potential of sensitive skin and to guarantee maximum tolerance, this line contains no preservatives or allergenic perfume ingredients.

Layering care with precision won’t just assuage the redness and irritation sensitive skin loathes; it can be the path to more radiant, resilient skin. Our skin care for redness and sensitivity is about treating the skin with a single hand while fortifying it with the other. As we shy away from the elements that trigger our skin's distress and embrace those which embolden it, we take its future in our hands. Soothe your way to the promise of skin that isn't just understood but embraced with our sensitive skin care products.