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Melafadin Cleansing Powder 60g

Melafadin Cleansing Powder 60g

White, pleasant-smelling cleansing powder with pure vitamin C for effectively brightening the skin.

  • Creamy, soft foam
  • Gentle, intensive cleansing for radiantly bright skin
  • For a clear and matt complexion
  • Leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh
  • Pleasant fragrance


Pure vitamin C: Ascorbic acid, inhibits melanin maturation

Condensate consisting of coconut fatty acid and amino acid: Cleansing tenside based on replenishable raw plant materials

Titanium dioxide: White pigment for optically brightening the skin

Talcum: Absorbent

Silicone powder: Carrier substance

Full Ingredient List: Hydrolyzed corn starch, sodium cocoy glycinate, talc, xanthan gum, CI 77 891 [titanium dioxide], silica, parfum [fragrance], ascorbic acid 

Home application

Pour the powder into the palm of your hand and mix with a little water to form a creamy foam. Distribute over the face and neck in the sense of a cleansing massage. Wash off with plenty of water or a moist washing cloth. Apply regularly in the morning and evening to cleanse the skin.

Advice: Above all, “soap fans” who love a creamy foam for cleansing should work the powder into a foam with a little water using a brush. An even more intensive effect is achieved if Melafadin Toner is used to mix the cleansing powder.