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The Benefits of a Skin Detox and How to Tell If Your Skin Needs It

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Everyday exposure to the elements can create wear and tear on your skin, which can lead to dullness, dryness, breakouts and much more. However, these symptoms can be reversed with a simple detox. Detoxifying the skin doesn’t have to be a complicated measure to obtain a beautiful complexion, but is a crucial measure that helps to balance your skin’s pH and shed it from outside impurities.

There are various forms of skin detoxification out there that can help you achieve your dream skin. While some methods may be costly, others can be simple home remedies that are found right inside your kitchen pantry. Or you can try out a number of products from Janssen Cosmetics that are designed to refine and refresh your skin, which our range of skin-balancing cleansers, masks, ampoules, and moisturizers.

To detox the skin means that you are giving your skin some tender loving care by getting rid of the junk and infusing it with the nutrients it needs to look and feel your best. Our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside, so as well as treating it topically, it is also important that we also treat ourselves to self-care and with with a healthy diet. Therefore, if your skin has lost its natural luster or is looking and feeling a bit sluggish, now is the time to revitalize it to bring it back to its natural vibrancy.

Skin Detoxing Benefits

The skin is a living breathing organ that relies on nutrients to keep it going strong so that it can perform and look its best. Not only is the skin a reflection of what is going on internally, but it also encompasses a protective barrier for our inside organs and bones so it is important that we treat it well. Since our skin correlates to internal and outside factors, our stress levels, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition and pollutants can all have a negative impact on its appearance and speed up the aging process.

Skin detoxing works to reverse all the harshness that the skin is faced with everyday, by pulling out toxins, heavy metals, dirt, and grime and other pollutants that are dragging it down. Imagine a smooth, clear road that is met with obstacles, in which you have to get climb around. This is how pollutants affect our skin and circulatory system. Therefore by eliminating the obstacles, our skin can work more efficiently. When the skin is in need of a detox, various conditions can manifest themselves in the form of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and much more. If you aren’t sure if your skin is clogged with pollutants, here are some signs to watch out for because your skin may be trying to tell you something:

●Abdominal bloating

●Frequent headaches

●Sallow, dull appearance on the skin

●Overly oily or dry skin

●Rough, bumpy, uneven skin

●Acne, bumps, rosacea and other skin flare ups





●Sugar cravings

●Increased belly fat

Keep in mind that everyone is different and that pollution in your skin may manifest itself in ways that different in someone else. Additionally, your skin and body may also show just one or multiple signs.

Types of Skin Detoxes

Many detoxes are formulated to get rid of toxins within the body and often also helps to reveal brighter skin. However, a full internal detox isn’t always necessary, especially if you aren’t experiencing internal issues such as bloating and constipation. Otherwise any topical treatment that greatly benefits your skin is ideal to unclog pores and remove unsightly blemishes, but it is always a great idea to start with your diet first to rule out any underlying conditions. Here are some types of skin detoxes you can try to clear your complexion:

●Facial- A system of skincare used to treat a variety of skin concerns. This treatment cleanses your skin more thoroughly than washing alone and unclogs your pores to reveal fresh, clean skin.

●Cleansers- Cleaning your skin each day with a proper cleanser keeps your skin clean and balanced. It is important that you use the correct cleanser for your skin type for the best results. If you have dry skin, an emollient cleanser is ideal. If your skin is oily, a foamy cleanser helps balance the skin. Sensitive skin types benefit from gentle, yet effective ingredients.

●Masks- Facial masks help to refine the skin’s pores and gives an even skin tone and can be customized for use on each skin type. Like a cleanser, masks work best when tailored to meet your specific skin care needs. If your skin is oily, a clay mask helps to attract excessive oil and dirt. Dry skin types benefit from hydrating masks and sensitive skin types get best advantage from soothing masks, which contain such ingredients as chamomile, aloe, and Calendula.

●Steaming- Steaming your face loosens up dirt and grime in your skin and loosens up pores. This action also facilitates an easier removal of blackheads and clogged pores and improves circulation.

●Serums- By applying serums underneath your moisturizer, ingredients are able to better penetrate the skin to go deep down for more benefits. Serums can also be used morning and night.

●Healthy diet- Fried food, dairy, carbohydrates and sweets can all impact your skin negatively, so it’s important that you eat a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables as well as foods containing Omega-3’s for more glowing skin. Healthy foods also helps strengthen your hair and nails.

●Hydration- Our bodies are made up at least 75% water and some of that depletes as we age, so it’s important that we obtain adequate amounts of hydration everyday to keep our body functioning properly.

●Exercise- Vigorous daily movement causes us to sweat, thus clearing out skin of toxins, which helps your skin to breathe and increases blood flow to reveal a regenerated complexion.

Clear skin is more than skin deep and if your complexion is suffering, it’s important to rule out the underlying causes that may be causing it to lose its luster. With proper diet, exercise, adequate hydration and the right skin care, you’ll feed your skin what it needs to fully function and maintain its youthfulness. 

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