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Like body and facial cleansers, moisturizers are some of the most important products that you can buy, no matter your skin type. They are multifaceted and not only help replenish your complexion, but also works to protect so that you may look and feel your best.

Though a great moisturizer is something to always have on hand, it’s important to know  which one works best for you since not all skin types are alike. Get one that’s too heavy for oily skin and you may run the risk of more blemishes. On the other hand, a moisturizer that is not emollient enough for dry skin is likely to lead to discomfort, but we’ll let you be the judge. At Janssen our products run the gamut, from facial serums, to body creams. Here are some of our best moisturizers yet!


Sun Shield

You can’t have great skin if it isn’t adequately protected, which is why our Sun Shield ranks high on our list of products. UVA/UVB protection is always a good thing all year round, but as we head into spring and summer, you’ll  want extra protection.  Sun Shield offers active cell protection with ECTOIN technology and filters out aging-causing rays and prevents pesky burns. Sun Shield comes in two ranges, 30 and 50 for your personal needs and is ideal all over the body and can be worn prior to applying makeup.


Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner

If you’d like even more protection, then our Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner is what you’ll  need to help slow down and reduce signs of aging. Our rich cream contains oat extract, which noticeably tightens the skin, Isostearyl stearate (ISIS) for creating a stronger skin barrier, and hyaluronic acid, which increases the firmness of the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Added SPF 15 helps protect delicate skin from harmful UVA/UVB radiation while additional ingredients impart moisture for a more radiant complexion.


Vitaforce C Skin Complex

Sometimes all you need is a little brightness to improve the overall look of your skin and the solution is found in vitamin C. Vitamin C has a big role to play in the world of skincare, touted not only for its complexion- brightening abilities, but its potential to improve your skin’s texture and tone, and bring out its natural radiance. Our Vitaforce C Skin Complex is packed with vitamin C to offer luminosity like no other. Additionally, hyaluronic acid helps smooth and tone the skin, while lemon extract refreshes and revives.


Calming Hydro Gel

Our Calming Hydro Gel is the perfect solution for the fellas! With an abundance of facial hair, thicker skin and overall tougher texture, the skin of a man is quite structurally different than a woman’s, which makes men’s cosmetics something to think about if you are a guy who wants to enhance his complexion.

Formulated to soothe and penetrate  deep within the pores, Janssen Cosmetics’ Calming Hydro Gel is made to improve the skin’s regenerative process, intensely moisturize and protect the skin, and helps prevent photoaging. This cream is especially ideal for use after shaving, which can  lead to redness and bumps and can be used night and day and may be accompanied with additional Janssen men’s cosmetics, such as our 24/7 Skin Energizer and Energizing Eye Roll.


Vitaforce Ace Body Cream

Skin health and beauty doesn’t just stop at the face. Our bodies need tender loving care so don’t skimp on daily moisture all over with our Vitaforce Ace Body Cream, proven to protect skin cells from free radicals and nourish deeply. Pentavitin a moisture-attracting substance derived  from natural sugars helps to bind moisture to the skin, for all day hydration.

Vitaforce Ace Body Cream  packs a punch with brightening vitamin C, healing vitamin E, and revitalizing vitamin A. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is  ideally applied generously to the body’s skin morning and night for best results.

Janssen Cosmetics offers a plethora of moisturizers to meet virtually every skincare need for men and  women that will give your skin that much coveted glow! Creating a customized regimen to give your skin the best it needs is probably only a moisturizer away!

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