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Janssen Dry Skin Collection Highlight

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The appearance of skin dryness can vary according to the type of skin you have, just as everyone's skin is different. A person's skin may become dry occasionally due to aging or weather fluctuations. Check out our dry skin tips if you suffer from dry skin or have dry patches.

There are countless situations where the skin loses moisture, including air-conditioned or overheated rooms, the sun, wind, car, and airplane travel. When your skin is naturally dry, you need to care for it consistently and daily! 

Young skin can suffer from dryness wrinkles, decreased elasticity, pale complexion, and loss of natural radiance when it lacks lipids and moisture.

Moisture boosters are essential for dry skin. Our comprehensive product range caters to dry, lipid-deficient, and dry, moisture-deficient skin types. 

Skin becomes radiant, smooth, and visibly refreshed with long-lasting moisture, hydrolipidic - which is responsible for retaining moisture - is reinforced, wrinkles are minimized, and dryness is reduced.

Our Dry Skin Collection Highlight

1. Mild Creamy Cleanser (200ml)

Removes dirt and makeup deeply from the skin. Preserves the skin's natural moisture and reduces unpleasant tension feelings.

In conjunction with the Radiant Firming Tonic, the rich, gentle cleansing prepares the skin for optimal care.

It is recommended to use Mild Creamy Cleanser twice when you have heavy make-up on. Cleansing milk should be applied, rinsed off, applied again, and washed off with water or compresses.

2. Radiant Firming Tonic (200ml)

Using the alcohol-free facial toner, you can remove the last traces of makeup and dirt. It revitalizes, intensely moisturizes, and enhances the effectiveness of subsequent care. Dry skin is refreshed and revitalized as the tonic rebalances its pH.

As a result of soluble collagen, the skin is intensely moisturized and appears fresh and radiant. Skin texture appears smoother and finer and moisture content is improved. Furthermore, the skin's pH level is restored and its acid mantle is stabilized.

3. Mild Face Rub (50ml)

The skin needs peeling once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and provide nourishing oils to the skin. The skin surface is refined, impurities are prevented, and subsequent care can be absorbed more effectively.

Smoothing of the skin surface is noticeable and visible after gentle peeling. Cornification and skin flakes are gently removed by jojoba wax beads. During application, the round abrasive particles dissolve and provide additional care for the skin. It results in rosy, fresh skin that feels smooth and supple.

4. Hydro Active Gel (50ml)

A fresh, natural glow is achieved with ultra-light moisturizer. Additionally, it prevents moisture loss for a long time. By hydrating the skin, Hyaluron reduces wrinkles caused by dryness.

By reducing irritations, the pleasantly light gel texture harmonizes the appearance of the skin. It provides a silky soft complexion as well as a super base for makeup.

5. Super Hydrating Cream (50ml)

With this highly efficient moisturizer, your skin will be soothed, smooth, and wonderfully hydrated. A long-lasting supply of maximum moisture is provided to the skin, smoothing wrinkles. 

Additionally, the skin's natural barrier function is strengthened so that it is protected from external influences. This is an excellent make-up base due to its quickly absorbed texture.

Moisture is locked inside the deeper layers of the skin by hyaluronic acid, which forms a very stable network that enables the skin to release moisture and active ingredients continuously.

6. Hyaluron³ Replenish Cream (50ml)

A noticeable amount of elasticity, suppleness, and relaxation is experienced by dry, rather low-fat skin. The skin barrier is strengthened and has a regenerative effect overnight.

Skin's moisture and lipid reserves are replenished in no time with the non-stop moisturizer. With a stronger skin barrier and more elasticity, tightness is noticeably reduced. In winter, this is the best cream to use.

7. Hyaluron Impulse (50 caps)

It enhances the appearance of wrinkles and improves the structure of particularly chapped and dry skin. In addition to providing extra moisture to the skin quickly and effectively, the rosé shimmering capsules provide an exceptionally pleasant texture.

A velvety soft and supple feel is immediately achieved due to the delicately creamy contents that spread very well. A silky-matt glow returns to dry skin, and the skin's structure is greatly improved. 

There is no need to use skin care cream with the capsules. The skin glows with a wonderful silky-matt sheen under make-up.

8. Deep Xpress Moist Serum (30ml)

Boost your skin's moisture with this innovative power serum. Immediately, dry skin becomes smoother and the complexion appears more youthful.

The skin barrier and the skin's defense system are strengthened and the moisture content of the skin is increased over time. 

Prevents premature skin aging and supports the skin's cellular repair mechanisms by warding off harmful environmental influences, free radicals, and oxidative stress.

Makeup stations must have this! Unless you have extremely dry skin, make-up can stay on for several hours when applied directly under make-up.

9. Aqualift Eye Gel (15ml)

In addition to plumping up wrinkles from the inside, mini-lifting hydrates the skin from within. Efforts are made to reduce dark circles under the eyes, prevent puffiness, and smooth wrinkles. Cooling and refreshing effects are achieved simultaneously around the eye area.

Additionally, the eye contour gel protects the skin against UV rays, thus preventing premature skin aging. There is a fresher look to the eye area.

Keep Aqualift Eye Gel in the fridge for a refreshing and cooling effect. In addition to its ability to reduce puffiness, the gel's cooling effect also contributes to its effectiveness.

10. Deep Xpress Hydro Mask (75ml)

Intensive and long-lasting moisture is provided to dehydrated skin. Using the innovative Hydro Express Complex, the skin is effectively protected from dehydration by forming a protective molecular network that continuously moisturizes and protects it. 

There is a freshness and smoothness to your skin. Up to 48 hours after application, the moisture level of the skin increases by 25%.

Bottom Line

Anyone who suffers from painfully dry skin knows that keeping skin hydrated and comfortable involves a good arsenal of skin-care products.

Is your skin dry and you wonder how you can prevent it? You can reduce dry skin by using warm, not hot, water when cleansing with your body washes - hot showers and long baths remove moisture from the skin, resulting in dryness.

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