Skin Youth Cream

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  • Beautiful skin in the long-term
  • Smoother skin
  • More even skin
  • Increased tissue density
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Skin Youth Cream


  • Skin Youth Cream has a lipid content of 29%. This plentiful cream for vitalizing demanding skin is optimally suitable for women who desire richer care.
  • Skin Youth Cream is a completely new care cream for beautiful, youthful skin.
  • This effect is attributable to the activation of repair enzymes (telomerases), the increased synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid plus protection of the telomeres.
  • The highly-active substance RSL (Repair Stimulating Lipid) is the special feature in this case.
  • RSL was discovered by a team of French researchers following extensive series of tests and has been processed by the Dr. Sacher Kosmetik development laboratory to achieve this unique formulation.
  • RSL* verifiably protects the skin cells from oxidative stress; the telomerase repair system remains active and premature telomere breakdown is prevented.
  • The additional content of rice peptides** increases the volume of repair enzymes.
  • External influences (oxidation and UV radiation) cause less damage to the genetic material. The cells are more vital and reflect this by living for longer.
  • Skin Youth Cream has a restorative effect on the skin tissue, which can be seen by the reduction in initial lines and wrinkles plus the increase in skin density and skin thickness.


Apply Skin Youth Formula onto the cleansed skin of the face and neckline in the morning and /or evening.

Tip: May also be applied as night care in addition to the rapidly absorbed Skin Youth Formula lotion. 

Note: Face Guard effectively protects the skin against UV radiation and preventively combats premature skin aging. Simply apply the ultra-light lotion beneath Skin Youth Cream during the day.

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