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Thermo Face Mask "Lifting"

Thermo Face Mask "Lifting"

  • Combats premature skin aging
  • Smoothes and firms the skin
  • Increases the skin's moisture 
  • Clarifies all skin profiles with a tendency towards impurities
  • Models the facial contours
  • Revitalizes tired and slack skin
  • Supports the skin's natural regeneration process


  • Calcium sulfate: Stabilizer
  • Zink oxide: High absorption capacity

Home Application

Step 1: Protect the customer's hairline (e.g. with paper tissues).

Step 2: Apply the active substance concentrate corresponding to the skin's requirement onto the areas of skin to be treated and press in gently. Allow to work in for a few minutes.

Step 3: Generously cover the entire facial skin with a W/O emulsion, preferably Extra Rich Convenience Cream or Relaxing Massage Cream. Pay particular attention to covering the eyebrows. Cover the eyes with moist cotton wool pads to protect the brows and lashes.

Step 4: Mix the content of a film bag (440 g powder) in 300 ml warm water (20-25°C) to form a smooth paste.

Step 5: Apply the mixture onto the face, neck (taking care if the thyroid is sensitive to pressure) and neckline using a spatula or, better still, a tablespoon. Leave out the eye area and the mouth area (or include after consulting the customer). Allow the mask to work in for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6: Lift the mask from the customer's face like a shell. Have the customer “smile” to do this. The shifted facial characteristics make removing the mask easier. Remove any residues with the aid of cleansing lotion. (Optimal active substance absorption is concluded; there is no reason not to cleanse the surface of the skin at this point.)

Step 7: Subsequently apply a care cream. Thermo Face Mask is also suitable for treating the hands. Important note: Never pour Thermo Face Mask residues into the sink. Simply allow mask residues to dry on and dispose of them in the domestic refuse.