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Radiant Serum


Radiant Serum

Serum for radiantly fresh skin

  • Firms the skin tissue
  • Leaves behind smooth facial characteristics and well-being
  • Brightening care for a youthful skin tone
  • Fresh fragrance


  • Alpine herb extract CEC: Synergistic combination of the Alpine plants mallow, peppermint, primrose, lady's mantle, common speedwell, balm and yarrow; tyrosinase-inhibiting, reduces dark pigmentation spots
  • Extract of alfalfa CEC: Anti-aging active substance to protect the skin´s extracellular matrix; stimulates collagen synthesis; reduces native skin en­zymes which are responsible for the destruction of elastic fibers
  • Long-chain hyaluronic acid: Balances out moisture deficits
  • Short-chain hyaluronic acid: Smallest molecular form of hyaluronic acid for better penetration into the lower layers of the epidermis; skin-smoothing; reduces trans-epidermal moisture loss

Home application

Distribute Radiant Serum over the skin after cleansing in the morning and/ or evening. Allow to work in briefly and apply a care cream on top.

Note: Dermatologically tested.