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Mild Cleansing Cream
Mild Cleansing Cream
Mild Cleansing Cream


Mild Cleansing Cream

Gentle cleansing cream

  • Extra-mild for daily skin cleansing
  • Creamy consistency for easy distribution
  • Contains native moisture to protect the natural hydrolipidic barrier
  • For a feeling of clean and relaxed skin
  • Noticeably soft skin
  • Free of tensides
  • Free of preservatives


  • Combination of skin-friendly oils: Based on coconut oil, the purity and tolerability of these oils correspond to pharmaceutical quality; impurities are gently removed from the surface of the skin, and the skin's natural balance is maintained

Home application

Each time during cleansing, apply Mild Cleansing Cream onto the face and neck and massage in gently. Rinse off with plenty of lukewarm water. Then subsequently treat the skin with Soothing
Gel Toner.

Advice: The mild formulation is also suitable for removing make-up in the lid area.