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Goodnight Hand Mask

Goodnight Hand Mask

GOODNIGHT HAND MASK provides noticeably smoother hands overnight. The rich formula nourishes dry and stressed skin with a moisturising and soothing combination of glycerin, urea and bisabolol.  In addition, the biotin contained in the formula strengthens the nail's structure and increases its resistance. Dry, brittle nails once again become firm, elastic and shiny.


• For noticeably smoother hands overnight
• Provides the nails with firmness and elasticity
• Strengthens the nail´s structure
• Nourishes the cuticle




    • Biotin: Biotin is a B-vitamin and is needed to maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. It strengthens the nail's structure and supports the skin's natural barrier function. The term vitamin H is used in German to refer to biotin. This underlines the great importance of biotin for the beauty of the skin, since H stands for 'Haut', which means 'skin' in German

    • Urea: Urea is a component of the natural moisturising factor (NMF) of the skin. The application of urea can significantly improve the skin's ability to bind water

    • Bisabolol: Bisabolol has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the skin's natural regeneration

    • Glycerin: Glycerin moisturises the skin and enhances its elasticity

    Home Application

    Apply to cleansed hands in the evening; you may also wear a cotton glove and leave on overnight. Also works well as a daily SOS aid