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Exfoliator 30

Exfoliator 30

  • Mild peeling treatment course
  • With pH value of 3.6
  • Retains the skin's native moisture to protect the natural hydrolipidic barrier
  • For a clean and clear skin profile
  • Refines the complexion


  • AHA: Glycolic, malic, citric and tartaric acid, gentle and reliable removal of surplus skin hornification (keratolytic effect), stimulation of cell proliferation

Home Application

Pour Exfoliator 30 into a glass bowl and distribute generously over the face, neck and neckline using a brush. Time required to work in: 3 to max. 15 minutes. Remove completely with moist, pleasantly warm compresses. Attention: Subsequent treatment with pH Neutralizer is vital to stop the acid activity remaining in the skin.

Note: pH value 3.6 Do not leave on the skin for more than 3-15 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. After treatment, it is vital to protect the skin with Face Guard plus.