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Day Care + PCM Complex


Day Care + PCM Complex

Day care cream with PCM-COMPLEX

  • pleasant gentle scent
  • ideal make-up basis
  • strengthens the upper skin layers
  • provides a radiant complexion all day
  • strengthens the body's own protection
  • ultra soft texture
  • provides a fresh and smooth skin feeling


  • PCM-Complex: pearl water, caviar and magnolia extract
  • Mango butter: mango seed oil rich in palmitolein, complements the skin's natural fatty acids
  • Kombucha: fermented black tea, revitalizes especially pale skin, makes the skin look fresher and more radiant
  • Vitamin E-acetate: regenerating, anti-oxidative
  • Gold- and silver pigments: inorganic substances containing light-reflecting pigments based on mica, titanium oxide and iron oxide

Home application

Apply DAY CARE + PCM-COMPLEX to the cleansed skin in the morning.