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Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator
Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator

Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator

Fruit acid peeling

  • Cleanses and clarifies blocked pores, inflammation abates faster
  • Areas of unevenness are smoothed
  • The horny layer's moisture content is improved
  • The skin becomes perceptibly softer and has increased radiance
  • Cell division is stimulated and skin renewal is accelerated
  • Lines and creases are reduced
  • Also leaves liver and pigmentation spots looking lighter


  • Fruit acid complex: Consisting of glycolic acid (sugar cane), malic, tartaric and citric acid; increases the cell renewal rate and improves the skin structure. Old, dead skin cells are loosened and are removed whilst new cells are able to grow without hindrance

Home application

Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator is preferably to be applied after cleansing in the evening. To do this, generously distribute the preparation over the face and neck 2-3 times per week, leaving out the eye area. Allow to work in for approx. 5– 15 minutes. Massage briefly with moist fingertips and remove the surplus with a mask sponge and plenty of lukewarm water. Then apply a night care cream.

Advice: The 20% fruit acid concentration also enables effective but safe treatment at home.

Note: Any use of a peeling product causes the epidermis to become thinner and sensitizes it towards UV light. It is therefore vital to ensure adequate UV protection and apply Face Guard during the day. Only then apply the care cream on top as usual.