Face & Eye Vitalizer

Highly active ingredients complex for smoother skin

  • Refreshing fragrance, stimulating effect
  • Firmer skin, increased elasticity
  • Non-sticky active ingredients
  • Penetrates skin in seconds
  • Stops free radicals
  • Supports and stimulates skin own regeneration process
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Face & Eye Vitalizer


  • Hyaluronic acid: moisture providing and binding
  • Pentapeptide: stimulates cells of the connective tissue to produce new collagen fibres
  • Vitamin A-Palmitate: improves the regeneration of the skin and builds up the skin's own protection coat
  • Vitamin C: stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin density
  • Vitamin E-Acetate: free radical scavenger, protects against light induced skin aging

Home application

Apply Face & Eye Vitalizer twice daily onto cleansed & dry skin with light pressure.

Advice: Energizing Hydro-Gel applied over Face & Eye Vitalizer provides an extra portion caring aid for an environmentally damaged skin!

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