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Revigorating Face Mask

Revigorating Face Mask

  • The skin profile is left looking more healthy, vital and radiant
  • The removal of waste products is promoted
  • The skin's supply of nutrients and oxygen is increased
  • Specific promotion of the skin's circulation
  • Stimulates the skin's natural function • Has an activating and regenerating effect


  • Stinging nettle extract: Stimulates and promotes the circulation
  • Nicotinic acid methyl ester: Vitamin B6 component, rapidly penetrates the skin and dilates the blood vessels up to and including visible reddening with a sensation of heat

Home Application

Using a brush, apply Revigorating Face Mask onto the cleansed skin, leaving out the eye area, as follows:

1. Neckline, neck

2. Forehead, nose, chin

3. Finally, the cheek area Immediately remove the mask again using a compress. The 30-60 seconds in which the mask is allowed to work in are generally sufficient to visibly boost the circulation.

Tip: Before applying the mask, it is vital to draw the customer's attention to the fact that the circulation will be perceptibly boosted. A sensation of heat and tingling is perfectly normal and completely safe