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Perfect Cleansing Combo Pack

Perfect Cleansing Combo Pack

Perfect Cleansing 

  • The Perfect Cleansing Duo contains 200 ml Mild Creamy Cleanser and 200 ml Radiant Firming Tonic.


    Cleanse your skin - but properly! Morning and evening! Every day!

    The Perfect Cleansing Duo for dry skin will prepare your skin in the best possible way for the skin-type-specific care that follows.



  • Mild Creamy CleanserAvocado oil: Rich in natural fatty acids and vitamins A, E and D; cares for and protects the skin even during cleansing, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth

    Radiant Firming TonicSoluble collagen: Intensively binds and retains moisture; film-forming and lifting

Home application

Apply and spread Mild Creamy Cleanser evenly over your skin before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Afterwards, pour some Radiant Firming Tonic onto a cotton wool ball and spread it gently over the skin.