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Hydrating Skin Complex

Hydrating Skin Complex

Smoothing moisture concentrate

  • Moisture-regulating
  • Smoothes creases caused by dryness
  • Ideal for fixing make-up
  • Youthfully fresh radiance in a short while
  • Improves the skin structure


  • Long-chain Hyaluronic acid: High-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture-binding capacity, forms a smoothing film on the surface
  • Short-chain Hyaluronic acid: Low-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture binding capacity, penetrates down to the lower layer of the epidermis and visibly “pads” it out, smoothes the skin and protects its moisture
  • Codium tomentosum: Atlantic green algae, moisturizing, long-lasting effect
  • Imperata cylindrica: Root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica; native to Asia and Australia, it is able to survive even in extremely dry conditions; rich in potassium, moisturizing and moisture-binding
  • Polysaccharide: High-molecular moisturizer from the fruit of the carob tree, moisture-binding and skin-smoothing

Home application

Apply Hydrating Skin Complex as a cure in the morning and/or evening. Remove approx. two squirts from the dispenser bottle and distribute over the cleansed face. The product is absorbed rapidly into the skin. Then apply the usual day or night cream.

Advice: Indispensable wherever make-up is applied! Applied directly beneath the make-up without the addition of a day care product (except in the case of extremely dehydrated skin), make-up remains fixed in place for hours.