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Hyaluron Impulse

Hyaluron Impulse

Care Capsules for dry skin

  • Improves the skin structure
  • Smoothes creases caused by dryness
  • Ideal foundation for make-up
  • Smooth, silky-soft skin


  • Long-chain hyaluronic acid: High-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture-binding capacity, forms a smoothing film on the surface
  • Dual peptide system: Myristyl pentapeptide-8 and myristyl tetrapeptide also occur in the skin and are therefore able to penetrate particularly well when passage through the horny layer and improving the skin's volume there are required

Home application

Twist open a capsule of Hyaluron Impulse or open it using a pair of scissors. Squeeze out the entire content and stroke over the face, neck and neckline using the fingertips. Leave out the eye area. If desired, apply the usual day or night cream on top. For external use only.

Advice: “Small gifts preserve friendships”. Give your customer two to three Hyaluron Impulse capsules and once again emphasize the care success of your balancing dry skin treatment!