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Light Tightening Cream 50ml

Light Tightening Cream 50ml

  •  Light cream texture
  • Refreshing and rapidly absorbed
  • Greater firmness and elasticity
  • Soft, silky complexion
  • Ideal make-up base


    • Vitality-Equalizer: Biotech extract of Euglena gracilis (single-cell pseudo-microalgae); activates cell metabolism by stimulating the release of calcium and increasing energy content. Important functions of skin metabolism are stimulated, boosting the skin’s regenerative capabilities. The skin becomes more elastic, looking firmer and more vibrant
    • Aloe Vera: Moisturises and soothes the skin
    • Bisabolol: Soothes, alleviates irritation and inhibits inflammation
    • Silica: Mattifying powder, absorbs excess shininess, makes the skin feel powdery and delicate

    Home Application

    Apply to cleansed skin on face, neck and cleavage morning and/or evening and allow to absorb. Ideal base for make-up.

    Recommendation: Face Guard Advanced counteracts premature skin ageing through effective light protection. Always apply the lightweight emulsion under the Light Tightening Cream during the day.