CC Cream

Color corrective cream with SPF 30

  • Refines the complexion
  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces age spots
  • Prevents pigmentation spots
  • Protects against red flecks
  • Minimizes pores
  • Reduces any oily sheen
  • With UV protection
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Make Up
CC Cream


  • Age spot corrector*: Liposomally encapsulated extract of garden cress and liposomally encapsulated genistein (biologically active substance from the soya plant); verifiably brightens age spots
  • Plant extract SORR**: Highly-active extract consisting of Siegesbeckia orientalis and Rabdosia rubescens; inhibits melanin absorption into the keratinocytes; acts to soothe and combat red flecks; promotes an even, radiant complexion
  • Fomes offizinalis: Larch agaric (tree fungus) extract; contains mineral salts; acts as a natural astringent; noticeably lifts and refines the skin profile by reducing the pores
  • Vitamin A palmitate: Stable form of vitamin A; stimulates the formation of new epidermal cells; refines the skin's micro-complexion; reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles
  • Mineral complex: Spherical structure for easy distribution; “pads out” fine lines and wrinkles; immediately achieves optical skin smoothing
  • Soft pigments: For a flawless and balanced skin tone
  • UVA + UVB filters: Reduce UV stress on the skin and protect against premature skin aging


Home application

To protect and care, distribute CC Cream “light” over the facial skin in the morning and massage in gently. The cream blends perfectly into the skin. Gently stroke out the transitions on the hairline and neck.

Advice: For natural color results and even freshness, simply apply sparingly with a foundation brush and blend to achieve a perfect finish.

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