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The Best Janssen Resurfacing Treatments and What They Can Do For You

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Skin resurfacing treatments are designed to refine and renew the skin that has been damaged by the sun, other environmental factors, aging, or other conditions that have a profound effect on the skin, such as acne or fine lines and wrinkles. However, no two resurfacing treatments are alike in that there are many types that are designed to meet your specific needs but they are typically non-surgical and are performed on those that wish to eliminate signs of aging. If you suffer from acne, then you may need a specialized treatment that differs from someone who has deep fine lines and wrinkles.

What all skin resurfacing treatments do have in common are their ability to removed fine layers of skin to reveal a refreshed and clearer complexion. Most skin renews about once a week, meaning that dead skin cells slough off, while new skin cells come to the surface, which aids in maintaining more youthful skin that is full of clarity. However, many times our skin needs help and sometimes dead skin accumulates and leads to dullness, dryness, and clogged pores.

There are various types of skin resurfacing treatments which aid in the skin’s natural renewal process. However, the severity of your skin’s condition depends on how deep your treatment will be. While deep glycolic peels or laser resurfacing should are best performed by licensed professionals, there are many treatments that you may perform in the comfort of your own home that Janssen can offer. From ampoules to peels, Janssen Cosmetics has just the right skin resurfacing products that are gentle enough for at-home use, but are strong enough to give you the results that you desire.

Ampoules- Highly concentrated active ingredients that are designed to meet skin’s most harrowing needs. Ampoules are designed to address every skin care need specifically and works expediently to relieve them. Ampoules are also typically in gel or oil form and can be blended with a variety of other treatments, such as masks for elevated results. All of Janssen Cosmetics ampoules contain hyaluronic acid, used to hydrate the skin. However an array of ampoules are available to meet your skin’s specific needs.

Stem Cell Fluid- Contains stem cells derived from apples to help renew your skin and hydrate from within. Stem Cell Fluid also contains short-chain hyaluronic acid for extreme moisturization that lifts the skin from within.

Skin Refining Enzyme Peel - Utilizes the use of biotechnology to genty dissolve proteins of the outermost dermal layers of the skin to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion. Can be used up to 2 times per week and at night for a deeper treatment.

Trifolia Complex - A rich, creamy serum that increases the firmness of the skin utilizing macadamia oil and red clover for moisture and protein synthesis. Trifolia Complex also elevates the skin’s elasticity and helps smooth the skin’s surface.

Intensive Face Scrub- Contains finely ground peach kernels to help slough away rough patches and dead skin, while stimulating the skin’s surface and facilitating the absorption of additional creams and serums.

Duo Vitamin C Set - Vitamin C helps to provide collagen renewal and brighten the skin, while hyaluronic acid and lemon extract provides a refreshing toned and smoothed surface.

Effect Serum - Instantly tones the skin for the ultimate hydrating experience. Contains ingredients such as Gatuline® Expression to help reduce muscle movement in the face to help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, while light diffusing pigment and Colloidal platinum creates a improved look and feel to the skin.

If you are suffering from problematic skin, Janssens Cosmetics offers unique, yet effective skincare solution that will provide to you your most radiant skin ever. 

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