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The Best Anti-Aging Creams for Your Body

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When it comes to skincare and anti-aging ingredients, we typically only have the face in mind, but it doesn’t just stop there. Anti-aging products and practices should be managed from head-to toe. It takes the whole body to create a youthful appearance. After all, your skin is the largest organ in the body and taking proper care of it could go along way in completing the whole package of looking youthful. Here are some of the best anti-aging creams that will leave your skin soft and lush.

Firming the Neck and Decollete

The skin on your neck and decollete is much thinner than on the rest of your body, and is also very susceptible to aging, particularly if you are out in the sun a lot, which sometimes produces freckling. Once the collagen decreases in these areas, that’s when wrinkling and sagging can occur. To counteract this, you’ll need a cream that can visibly firm and lift. The ingredients found in Janssen’s Firming Neck and Decollete Face Cream are very beneficial for this particular area, with oats that help reduce sagging, hyaluronic acid, which helps smooth the skin, as well as yeast extracts that visibly plump up wrinkles within the skin.

One thing that many people don’t seem to realize is that the neck doesn’t really produce oils, and coupled with being thinner, can become a culprit for aging the fastest. Before you step out the door, don’t forget to apply an SPF, which can help shield delicate skin from the sun’s aging rays. An SPF of 15 is all you need for that added protection. A Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner is all you need to give your skin the protection it needs. If your skin is especially couperous, Melafadin Day Protection nourishes skin from the inside out and helps brighten your complexion.

Softening the Hands

Your hands do a lot of work on a daily basis and if your skin is particularly dry, they can look scaly, flaky, and ashy. An outdated manicure, lack of moisturization, and overall dull skin can make your hands appear older than they are. Having Hand Care Cream on hand can really make all the difference between aged skin and skin that looks at least 10 years younger. It’s also important to exfoliate your hands often, as they take a beating and all that activity can lead to buildup and calluses.

Contouring and Moisturizing the Body

Your skin on your body is more resilient than you think. It can house all your internal organs, is virtually waterproof and it changes with the seasons. For this reason, your moisturizer matters. If your skin type is dry, then you know that hydration is key to looking healthy. Body Lotion Isoflavonia is packed with ingredients like mango butter and Kombucha to promote a soft, glowing complexion. However, sometimes dry, flaky skin gets in the way of you and a great complexion, which is why Janssen has formulated a deep-cleaning Oxygenating Body Scrub to slough off rough, dull skin, so you can immediately feel the effects of your favorite body cream.

A good anti-aging skincare regimen begins with great products that promise to deliver quality ingredients for the skin. If you’re experiencing a lackluster complexion, then now is the time to wake it up and bring back it’s youthful vibrancy. Try these anti-aging beauty products to put your best skin forward.

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