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The Benefits of Collagen and What it Can Do For Your Skin

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Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein that is found in the skin, connective tissues and other parts of the body to help keep skin elastic and strong. However, as we age our bodies produce less collagen, which leads to wrinkles and less suppleness within the skin. While collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it also helps keeps our tendons and joints flexible and is the “glue” that holds our bodies together.

Other factors of collagen degeneration are weaker joints, stiff muscles, and loose skin - all symptoms that are sped up by natural occurrences such as being exposed to the sun’s rays. Thankfully, however, there are a wealth of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and skin care products to help boost and revitalize collagen in our skin. One of the best ways of doing so is by ingesting foods that help to keep our skin healthy, as well as skin care that will help prevent and help regenerate some lost proteins within the skin.

Collagen-Boosting Skincare Ingredients

While collagen is found in a host of skincare items, sometimes it comes in other forms and there are also other ingredients that helps to boost it’s formation. Therefore, when purchasing any skincare item, it’s important to look for additional ingredients, such as:

  • Retinol - One of the leading anti-aging ingredients that help to boost collagen and encourage the creation of new cells and to promote plumper, firmer looking skin.
  • Copper - Copper is naturally found in human plasma that slows down during the teen years and affects the production of collagen, wound healing, immune function as well as collagen synthesis.
  • Vitamin B3 - Also known as niacinamide, which helps to boost the skin and produce new collagen within the skin cells.
  • Glycolic Acid - Helps decrease hyperpigmentation, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin, while stimulating collagen production.

Janssen Cosmetics Products That Contain Collagen

If you are seeking out a Janssen Cosmetics item to help boost the appearance and feel of your skin, there are a variety of helpful skin care solutions to meet your needs. With the help of skin care systems, as well as masks, serums, balms and more, you can help your skin retain the moisture it needs, as well as boost its plumpness and firmness.

  • Dry Skin Basic Kit - Contains a cleanser, tonic, skin vitalizer, and night replenisher to help alleviate the symptoms caused by dry skin and environmental factors to give your skin he nourishment it needs.
  • Perfect Bust Formula- Helps rebuild collagen around the decolletage and bust area to help firm and increase skin’s tissue and elasticity.
  • Tightening Serum- Lifts and rejuvenates saggy facial contours while lifting and smoothing the skin.
  • VitaForce C Cream- Helps even the skin, neutralize free radicals, improves the skin’s glow and provide a smoother complexion.
  • Collagen Mask AHA- Removes dead skin cells with the help of alpha-hydroxy acids, cleanses, and moisturizes for fresherskin.

Collagen helps you to maintain youthful skin and helps skin that shows signs of aging bounce back and regain it’s youthful vigor. Though collagen typically depletes with age, it’s important to keep your skin as healthy as possible to help prevent more severe signs of collagen loss by using it as part of your daily skin care regimen. 

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