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How Men Can Also Cultivate a Healthy Skincare Routine

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We often associate skin care with meeting a woman’s needs, but as more men gain the knowledge of the benefits of enriching ingredients and what it can do for them, the cosmetics industry is changing its perspective on how they market to the less fairer sex. Though men are typically more simplistic in their regimens, they also have different requirements when it comes to what they desire in a skin care line and their overall needs.

More men may be starting to look at skincare in a different way, but names, such as “rose oil” and “glowing youthful skin” still do not appeal to them on a large scale. Additionally, men have 25% thicker skin than women and structural variances that makes their needs different than those of women. Not to mention, men tend to have more facial hair, so there’s another obstacle to break through when it comes to providing cleansing and moisturizing methods that are effective. However, one thing that men and women can agree on is that they want to look attractive and part of looking your best is utilizing basic skin care that will not only keep you looking fresh, but will also boost self-esteem. Because men’s skin care is much more basic than women’s it’s important to follow the basic rules of keep skin in tip-top shape.

Clean Your Skin

Clean skin is important because it lays the foundation to keep skin problems, such as acne, blackheads and redness at bay. Washing your face daily also helps you to cultivate a better shaving experience because clean hairs are easy to trim and produce less problems for the skin underneath.

It’s also important to wash at least twice a day because male skin produces more sweat and sebum than women, so all that accumulated dirt and wreak havoc over an extended period of time. Start by cleansing with Janssen Cosmetics Energizing Hydro Gel, as part of the leaves skin clean and fresh, with a brighter, tingly feel to keep each wash and shave irritation-free.


Hydration is typically the last step when it comes to completing a daily skincare regimen. Lotions, creams and gels are all ways to keep the skin supple and soft and helps replenish moisture back into the skin that a cleanser has taken away. The Face and Eye Vitalizer keeps the skin soft and hydrates around the eye area to keep your skin awake and refreshed.

The Soothing Balm also helps replenish moisture and should be used after cleansing and moisturization as an added step after shaving, which can otherwise cause irritation. Soothing balms helps to soothe the skin due to razor burn and helps reduce sensitivities associated with daily or occasional hair removal.

Skin care for men is vastly different than for women. However, it’s important to still maintain a regimen that will help enable healthy skin. To ensure that your skin is protected daily, keep these tips in mind for skin that looks and feels it’s best.

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