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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine This Spring

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Spring offers a fresh outlook on our lives enabling us to throw out the old and bring in a fresh new perspective. One area we can implement this idea is with our cosmetics. While there are numerous skin care products on the market to entice us into trying the latest and greatest, sometimes just a few is all you need to look and feel your best.

As you rid your home of old layers left behind this past winter, consider how much more space you could really save while refreshing your skin. The following 5 tips will not only enhance the look of your beauty counter but will help give your skin a revived appearance this spring.

Organize Your Counter

Organization is one of the foundations of a clutter-free life. While hundreds of products displayed on your makeup counter may look fun, it really isn’t when you’re in a hurry to get out the door. Studies show that most women own about 40 products but will only use about 5 of them. Additionally, at least 82% of women will continue to use a product, even if it causes them breakouts, out of guilt. So, while you may highly covet an item that that has gone expired, just throw it out for the sake of your health. You’ll know when your makeup has gone bad when it emits an unsightly odor, has separated, and does not perform as well as when you first purchased it.

Utilize the Correct Moisturizer

Moisturizers are as diverse as our skin and enacts as a barrier and replenishes the skin after you’ve washed it. A great one will not only revive your skin but will continue to deliver great results, the more you wear it. During the winter, we often rely on heavier creams to help protect our delicate complexion against dryness and other elements, lighter creams are necessary as the weather gets warm.

While keeping your skin type in mind, a proper moisturizing cream will always deliver the right amount of hydration, while balancing your skin. Therefore, if your skin is oily, you should experience more moisture, but less greasiness. If your skin is dry, your skin shouldn’t no longer feel tight, but supple.

Brighten Your Color Palette

Spring brings along brighter, more colorful days and time spent outdoors. While winter colors are often moodier, lending to longer nights and more dreary days, spring makeup colors often reflect the environment around us, bringing along more vibrant colors that makeup us happier. Choosing the right color to match your skin tone makes all the difference. Whether you have a cool, neutral, or warm complexion, you can wear your favorite colors and look more glowing while doing so.

Opting for lighter makeup in the spring is also equally important, especially if you have oily or sensitive skin. In the spring, we tend to sweat more, so oil and dirt and sometimes lead to clogged pores. Counteract that and choose a lightweight foundation, such as our Long Lasting Makeup. For those with dryer skin types, always ensure that your skin is well-hydrated nightly with our Night Replenisher, followed by a light cream in the morning. As for makeup application, BB and CC creams work wonderfully.

Wash Your Brushes Often

Nice skin doesn’t just start with skin care. It’s also taking preventative measures to avoid mishaps along the way. Your skin is alive and can become a breeding ground for staph infection-causing bacteria and other unsightly blemishes if you aren’t careful. One way of preventing problems along the way is to wash your brushes often.

Most makeup brushes will last years if you take good care of them, but they can also accumulate a lot of makeup and hold a exorbitant amount of bacteria that can cause blemishes, itchiness and even infections. Wash your makeup brushes at least once per week with a gentle baby shampoo or a designated brush cleanser to prevent build-up, rinsed out, and air dried on a clean towel.


Decluttering for spring is all about making your life easier. Multitasking doesn’t necessarily work in our daily lives, but when it comes to getting ready for the day and going out the door within minutes, it can truly be a life-changer. Multitasking products work dually to give you more bang for your buck, such as a lipstick that also enacts as a blush, a bronzer/highlighting palette that enacts as an eyeshadow.

Janssen’s Purifying Wash + Shave for Men gives you clean skin and makes a great shaving cream, and can be used by women also! BB and CC creams are also great all-in-one cosmetic/makeup duos that protect, enhance the look of the skin and also corrects blemishes. 

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